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I started Crowdfunding when I was just 6 years old and on 17th October 2013 became the youngest person in the UK to successfully crowdfund a project online. I raised £746 which was 166% of my £450 target to get my seasonal recipe book published. You can still watch my video and learn about this crowdfunding project on the Crowdfunder.co.uk web site.

first young ambassador for crowdfunding in ukIn November 2013 I went to London to the UK Crowdfunding Day conference at the Royal Geographical Society. I had an amazing time and went on stage to talk about my Cracking Good Recipes Crowdfunding project.

I was then awarded a certificate which said I am the First Young Ambassador for Crowdfunding the UK, which is brilliant because I want to be able to help other children to crowdfund for their projects and ideas.

My second Crowdfunding project is 'Food for Thought'. I managed to raise 100% of the target amount to help me get my second recipe book published. It has an international theme with recipes from across the world, and includes a food passport with stickers. All money raised from book sales go to Action Against Hunger. You can find out more and order your copy of the book here. (Be quick - I've almost sold out!)

Crowdfunding has taught me that anything is possible if we work with others and that it is okay to ask for help.