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Cracking Good Recipes

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First Young Ambassador for Crowdfunding in the UK- presented at the Royal Geographical Society, Kensington on the first UK Crowdfunding Day, 1st November 2013

first young ambassador for crowdfunding in uk

I had an amazing time in London. I went to the Crowdfunding conference and they showed my video on a huge screen.

I went on to the stage and Barry asked me some questions about my Cracking Good Recipes Crowdfunding project. Then he gave me a certificate which said it was a prestigious award of being the first young ambassador for crowdfunding in the UK. It was brilliant. Lots of people asked me things like how much I raised and said well done to me.



 Radio Pembrokeshire Young Achievers Awards Young Fundraiser of the Year, 15th November 2013

Dylan Allman, photo courtesy of PembrokeshirePhotography.comOn 15th November I was awarded Young Fundraiser of the Year at Folly Farm. It was a brilliant evening because I got to go on all the fairground rides for free, had chicken and chips, and had a big glass trophy as well as a brilliant goodie bag with lots of things like tickets to Folly Farm, tickets to see the Scarletts, and fudge. After I had my award I did a little radio interview and had my photograph taken too.





InspireEngage International Start Up Thursday winner, 19th December 2013

On Thursday 19th December 2013 I was chosen as the winner of InspirEngage International Start up Thursday competition on Twitter. InspirEngage International is a global, award-winning social enterprise based in the UK with a portfolio in over 100 countries